February 11, 2009

Mo makes it

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Well, it’s nice to see that Mo Williams finally got his due. Since Chris Bosh won’t be able to play on Sunday the twice overlooked Cavs guard was named to the East all-star team yesterday. Mo is a worthy inclusion to the game and I’m kind of interested to see if they throw him out on the court with Ray Allen and the other Celtics after the first slight.

And, never passing up an opportunity to create some words, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert threw out “‘fantacular, extraordulous and phenomerful.” Webster dictionary should seriously consider hiring that man.

I’ve got to say that when the NBA announced that they were going to add HORSE as an event on all-star weekend, I was excited but then a bit weary of who would be involved. Of course, players like Kobe and LeBron would never take part and I had a bit of a feeling of dread that we’d be “treated” to three sad sacks that nobody really cares about (like Gerald Green or Chris Andersen). But the three guys the NBA picked have me excited. Having the defending rookie of the year, Kevin Durant go up against O.J. Mayo, a budding superstar, and Joe Johnson, one of the top scorers in the league right now. Just judging  by the creativity of his last dunk in high school ever, I’ll take Mayo to thrill us with some inventive shots.

And also, now that one of the best athletes in the NBA — and the owner of one worst selling jerseys — Rudy Gay has pulled out of the dunk contest, we’ll get to see J.R. Smith take his place. It’s a shame that Gay can’t go but he wasn’t the Rudy that we all wanted replaced; I’d much rather see Rudy Fernandez taken out of the competition. I figure he’ll fare worse than Jamario Moon last season and completely bomb.


  1. Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

  2. England vs USA on the first weekend, I can’t wait for the game. Win this one and we’re in.

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