February 12, 2009

Here we go again

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Well, for what seems like the fourth year in a row, Brett Favre is going through the retirement process. I don’t really know what to write here about Favre because it’s all been written before. His leadership, what he meant to Green Bay fans and even football fans in general, the weird vibe you get when John Madden talks about how great he is. It’s all been said because we’ve been down this road before. The only  difference this time is that now, it actually feels real.

All in all, when Favre’s at the podium after being inducted into the hall of fame, we’re hardly going to remember his season with the Jets because of how great he was with the Packers for all those seasons and playoff runs.

So, hopefully it will stick this time but you never know what might happen later this summer. Think about it this way: If Minnesota misses out on one of the top QBs available in the draft and free agency, why wouldn’t they throw some available cap space at Favre – who is by leaps and bounds an upgrade over Tarvaris Jackson. I don’t even think that Green Bay would complain about Brett playing in the division after he showed that he can’t last a full season. So, the Favre saga might be just starting up again and not really ending.

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