February 25, 2009

Picking up paydays

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

The trade deadline may have passed in the NBA but that doesn’t mean that players aren’t on the move still. You won’t find this in any other league, but the NBA actually allows teams to buy out players, who can then sign with an contending team of their choice. So, now, a guy like Mikki Moore will be picking up two pay cheques while the world’s economy is in the crapper. How does that seem fair? 

Well, that’s the world of pro sports for you — a world where the Carolina Panthers can layoff 20 people the same week that it commits over $70-million to two players.

But really, while that’s horrible to hear, what I’ve really got beef with today is that Stephon Marbury — he that refused to play for the Knicks while they were paying him $20-plus-million per season — got bought out of his contract and can now sign with another team. He would, no doubt, have to settle for the league minimum (a paltry $442,000 per season), but, as we all know, that’s at least six times what you probably make at your job.

It’s not even a question about if he’ll latch on with a new team either, it’s more like when? And the deadline for players to join teams and remain playoff-eligible is March 1, this Sunday, so look for things to move quickly in the latest Starbury saga.

Seriously, I hope he goes to the Celtics and tears the team apart from the inside. Wouldn’t it be lovely to hear about locker-room confrontations between the very expressive Marbury and the always-over-the-top Kevin Garnett? Seriously, fist could be flying.

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