February 26, 2009

Spring training startup

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

It’s finally back. The boys of summer are raring to go and it’s not even March yet. That’s right, start filling out those fantasy baseball cheat sheets and ready for your drafts boys, spring training is under way. And, because baseball’s underway, the thing that always follows it — drama — is in tow.

Alex Rodriguez played his first game of the spring — after the whole steroid mess a few weeks ago. Predictably, he received some boos. Then, showing that you can hit home runs off of the Blue Jays staff without the assistance of steroids, he went yard. Oh and apparently, because people care for some reason, he left the ballpark in his cousin’s SUV. Really? We care about that news? I certainly don’t. But, quickly looking back towards last week’s headlines: Seriously, who reads their heartfelt statement off a piece of paper?

Over at the Dodgers camp, they’re getting closer to locking in Manny Ramirez — who has come down off of his demand for a four-plus-year deal. Really, this is the deal that I would’ve offered him in the first place (especially in the free agent market this winter). One loaded year at $25-million and a player option is a great deal, I think. I just hope it doesn’t get done so I can sign him for basically free when MLB 2K9 comes out next week.

This pretty much sums up how this season will be going for the Mariners: Adrian Beltre is already starting up shit. Seriously, if I was in Beltre’s shoes, I would do whatever I could to get out of town… if I was a complete asshole. He signed a deal to play for Seattle and he should be honouring it. With a whole new staff starting this year, everyone should showing up and getting used to a new group of coaches. Add in that they think Beltre’s not fully healthy and this just shows how self-centred he is and wants to get out of town.

Then there’s Miguel Tejada, who isn’t turning his back on his team; no, he’s turning his back on his country for the coming WBC tournament. After the Dominican Republic told him he’d be playing first base, he basically flipped them off. I like this move by Tejada, it shows that he won’t spend his spring trying to learn a new position that would be useless experience once he got back to the Astros.

Finally, two arms have already been taken out for the season and it’s only been a day. Jeff Francis and Boof Bonser are done for the year. Poor guys.

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