February 27, 2009

The open market

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

So, where is everyone going to go? There’s a few big names out there so let’s take a quick look at who might go where. 

— Albert Haynesworth. He’ll make the most money out of any of this year’s crop and he deserves it. There are many downsides to picking up the big man though, but not enough to discourage teams from throwing money at him. The Redskins didn’t throw cash around at anyone last year so expect them to be active starting today. Putting Haynesworth on a line with Jason Taylor will be deadly to face in Madden ‘10.

Pick: Washington Redskins.

— Kurt Warner. At this point, why would Warner settle for anything less than playing for a top contender with great weapons to throw to. The Cardinals need to resign him to have any hopes of contending with a probably rejuvenated Seahawks team. 

Pick: Arizona Cardinals.

— T.J. Houshmanzadeh. When playing Madden, the Bengals released Ocho Cinco and let T.J. walk after the first season. I don’t recall where Ocho went but T.J. went to Jacksonville and I remember commenting: “That seems like the perfect place for him.” It really is seeing how they need a wide out and he wants to be a No. 1 guy. 

Pick: New York Jets.

— Marvin Harrison. The native of Philadelphia would be a perfect fit for the Eagles. The only reason I could see for him not coming to his hometown is that they’ve spent the money elsewhere, maybe on the guy above him on this list.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles

— Ray Lewis. It would be a great day for Cowboys fans if Ray-Ray went down to Big-D. It’s just too bad that won’t happen. Lewis is too much of a cornerstone of, not only the Ravens’ D, but the whole Baltimore team to let him go. They’ll pony up the cash to keep him.
Pick: Baltimore Ravens.

— Bart Scott. But, because the Ravens will pay Lewis, Scott will be on his way out. Rumour has it that the Jets and Giants want him, but I’d like to see Tampa Bay take a run at him to replace the released Derek Brooks. It’s iffy if they’ll spend too much cash though.
Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

— Chris Canty: The former Dallas defensive end became too expensive with his steadily improving play. Any team in need of a good, young 3-4 DE will come calling for Canty. There is always Canty’s old boss running Miami though.

Pick: Miami Dolphins.

There’s no real point in delving too deep into possibilities since, as we all know, tides can turn in a second in this league and I wouldn’t doubt that one of those guys mentioned might already have signed by the time you’re reading this in the morning.

Also, in the already-re-signed department…

The Colts were smart to keep centre Jeff Saturday. I have no idea why they even let the lynch-pin of the offensive line even get that close to free agency. He’s perfect for their system and the perfect snapper for Peyton Manning.

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