March 6, 2009

T.O. tossed out

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

It might be surprising to some, but really, the Cowboys releasing Terrell Owens is precadent setting. It really goes to show guys out there that it doesn’t matter how great of a player you are, if you’re not part of the team and have good relationships in the locker room, well, you’re expendable. Owens clearly wore out his welcome and while it’s hard to see such a talented player get cut from your favourite team, even I have to admit that it was time.

With T.O. gone now, the No. 1 receiver is Roy Williams, which is hardly a bad thing. I can see the Cowboys being able to spread the ball around better and this will really benefit their offence. Their core of Williams, Patrick Crayton and Jason Witten is a strong one and shouldn’t be overlooked by any means. Without T.O. complaining about his “touches,” it really makes Tony Romo’s job a lot easier.

The problem that the Cowboys still have, though, is on defence. After releasing the other Roy Williams, they’re paper-thin at safety, a position that already was a trouble area in Big D. Also, with Chris Canty departed, they defensive line is looking pretty weak too. Throw in the fact that they don’t have a first-round pick and there could be trouble next season.

Now, where will T.O. land? How many teams have the cap room to entice one of the best wide receivers ever? Who would role the dice on a guy who has been exiled from three teams now, including the constantly dysfunctional Cowboys? It’s a very short list of possible destinations for a guy that talented.

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  1. When will he learn? Just shut up, play and be part of the team. Great talent but …..

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