March 10, 2009

A Facebook firing

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

It would seem only logical to talk about championship week in college basketball, but really, I wouldn’t know where to start. With something like 20 different playoffs happening, how can anyone keep track? Let’s put it this way, on the wire, the glance for the Conference Tournaments is 95 lines long of agate (that tiny type in the back pages). That equates to nearly an entire tabloid page. I think I’ll just wait until Selection Sunday to chime in on what I think will be happening in March Madness.

So, I have to mention one of the funniest stories I’ve seen in a few days. A Philadelphia Eagles employee has been fired because of his Facebook status. Yep, I’m not even kidding. My first question is: Is that even legal? I’m no lawyer but that doesn’t sound like a fireable offence to me. Might want to talk to his union rep.

Secondly, the guy may have insulted his employer, but his employer happens to be a sports team. If a player said something like, “We stink.” Would he get released? Of course not.

The only way I could justify getting rid of the guy, who has been an employee of the Eagles for six years, is that he was slacking at his job and going on Facebook. Look, he even said he was sorry. This is not something a person should lose their job over.

Well, at least now he can freely bash the Eagles for letting Pro Bowl tackle Tra Thomas walk away and sign with the Jaguars.

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