March 11, 2009

What an upset

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

When you think of the Netherlands, baseball usually doesn’t come to mind. Well, even after having the most improbable win in the World Baseball Classic, it’s still not going to help their baseball reputation.

When looking at the Netherland’s extra innings, 2-1 win over the MLB star-heavy Dominican Republic, we should all remember that this tournament is still just glorified Spring Training. The superstars simply just haven’t gotten their timing down and aren’t up to full speed. And the pitchers, well would you pitch your hardest in a preseason game and potentially risk your season? Of course not.

Seeing the Dutch beat the Dominicans is kind of believable when you know that anything can happen in sports — even if it is highly unlikely. Just look at the Rays and how they made the World Series this past fall. Figure in that the Netherlands players were basically playing

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