March 12, 2009

Link it up

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball, Basketball, Soccer

Since I don’t really want to get too much into the NHL GM meetings (I’ve stated again and again that the game needs to be cleaned up), MLB Spring Training (is anyone paying attention?), the NCAA tournament (see you on Selection Sunday) or the NBA’s economic state (I don’t know nearly enough about that to even hazard a guess as to what will happen), here are some stories I’ve found lying around that bear mention.

The quadruple-double is so rare that I’ve never even accomplished it in a video game — and that’s saying a lot. You truly need to be so skilled on both sides of the ball and catch all the right breaks. If you were gunning for it, the key is to remember that points are the easiest part to accomplish. Steals or blocks are what will kill you (or often in the case of big men, assists). Simply, it may be the best all-around accomplishment in all of sports and if I had to pick the next man to pick one up, I’d have to go with either Chris Paul or D-Wade. Both have what it takes to rack up the harder parts of the equation.

Champions League soccer is back on… finally. I really felt like months passed between games but that’s probably because they did. Seriously, the folks who head sports television channel in Canada have to show these games. Nobody wants to watch poker when there’s live events going on featuring the world’s best athletes.

And did anyone see Wayne Rooney’s chip to set up Cristiano Ronaldo? That play demonstrated why he’s one of the best.

The headline really says it all. But really, couldn’t they have a picture of better looking women than the one they posted? Almost looks like the type of women that Ronaldo (the one who allegedly picked up a tranny or two) would be after.

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