March 17, 2009

The Cutler situation

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball, Football

Taking a break in a week that is purely about the NCAA tournament (updated thinking later), there has to be some commentary here on the Jay Cutler situation.

I have no idea how the Broncos could have screwed this up more. Well, perhaps they could’ve shopped him for even less and essentially told him he wasn’t wanted in the Mile High City, but come on guys. Josh McDaniels is getting schooled right now in how to be a head coach and is failing horribly. He comes to town with an established all-pro at the pivot and proceeds to lose the trust of his franchise player. What exactly did Belichick teach him about leading a team?

Now, he’s asked to be traded and no doubt will do as little as possible to help the Broncos. With teams like Detroit, Tampa and San Francisco no doubt interested, Denver could be able to set up a deal around draft day but there’s little indication that Denver wants to start anew at QB with someone from the draft like Matt Stafford or Mark Sanchez.

It’s quite the bad situation that McDaniels has forced his team into and now, instead of looking at the draft to build on a team that was a win away from the playoffs, he’s got to deal with controversy at the most important position on the team.

Geez the Broncos have been a mess since firing Mike Shanahan.

And, as for my revised NCAA pick, I’m looking at North Carolina right now, but still don’t feel confident. But, really, that could change after reading another four previews by writers rehashing stats in different ways to please their brackets.

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