March 18, 2009

Good bye, Chief

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Say it ain’t so, Chief Kickingstallionsims. It’s too bad, but before the NCAA tournament has really gotten going, the best name of the tourney has been bounced. With Morehead State defeating Alabama State in the play-in game, the 64-team field is set and Louisville now knows who they’ll embarrass in their opening round match up. I would go into how lame the play-in game is, but really we all know how bad it is and really, it just eliminates small-conference fodder from the big dance so we don’t have to waste our team deciding these weak matchups.

Sticking with the tourney, it looks like Ty Lawson won’t be playing in North Carolina’s opening game. It won’t matter in the grand scheme of things but at least he’ll be rested when the real competition comes around. Butler is a good team and could shake up UNC in round two, but really, the Tarheels should be all about getting healthy and ready for Gonzaga in the Sweet Sixteen.

There’s plenty happening in the big leagues too, just ask Charlie Villanueva. Better yet, check it all out on his Twitter. Chuckie V got in trouble for actually “Twitting” during halftime of the Bucks against the Celtics. I can understand how a coach like Scott Skiles would be pissed off at his players posting to the new Facebook during a game, but really, is this any worse than Agent Zero playing online poker at the half? OK, they’re both pretty bad. But at least we get a good laugh from these “professionals.”

On a more serious note, Carl Landry, John Hollinger’s PER boy, was shot in the leg. It’s not very serious — well getting shot is always serious — but he’ll be out for 1-3 weeks because of the flesh wound he suffered. Just in time for your fantasy playoffs too. But really, what was he doing driving around at 4 a.m. If that’s not looking for trouble in the Houston area, I don’t know what is.

Then, there’s the lovable Sean Williams, who trashed an AT&T Mobility store by tossing around a computer monitor. Well, there isn’t much we can’t expect from an NBA player anymore. Twitting, arrests and flesh wounds is all in a days business now.

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