March 19, 2009

The President’s picks

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Just when I was feeling good about North Carolina as my NCAA pick, the president of the United States took them. Apparently, getting the leader of the free to pick basketball is somewhat entertaining for some, but really, he’s just one of the guys like you or I. But now that this guy, who happens to be in a position of power, is taking a certain team, a lot of people will switch to his pick because of his influence. I’d rather stay away from that whole circus and take the team I think will — and give me the best shot at winning my pool.

I’ve got a few comments about Mr. Obama’s bracket too…

— Lots of pen marks on there revising upsets. Almost as if someone was in his ear telling him to go with the favourites. I would have thought he totally would have been for an underdog or two.

— No love for his home state Illini. i would’ve figured him to go big on them. Or at least to win two games.

— Only three underdogs winning in the first round? Talk about playing it conservative. He didn’t even take a 12 over a 5. And two 11-seeds? interesting.

— So, he thought Pitt would beat UNC, thought better of it and decided to have Psycho T’s boys to win it all. That’s quite the swing.

— Shouldn’t we all know by now that last year was an aberration and having your Final Four chock full of No. 1s isn’t a great thing? Three ones and a two (Memphis)? That’s pretty front-runner-y to me.

— Finally, I’m feeling really good that he got off Louisville to win it all. Why? Because that’s who I’ll be taking to win it all.

My Final Four: Louisville, Memphis, Villanova, North Carolina.
My Championship: Louisville 70, Villanova 65.

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