March 25, 2009

Baby stories

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball, Basketball

Well, I never would have thought that I would writing about two different child-related stories in the same day that didn’t involve Travis Henry, but it actually happened.

It hasn’t been the greatest year for Chris Bosh. Sure, in 2008 he won a Gold Medal in Beijing, started out the NBA season on a tear and convinced people he was MVP-calibre and his live-in girlfriend was pregnant.

In 2009, his play has been less inspiring, the Raptors are the second worst team in the East and his ex-girlfriend/baby’s mama is calling him a deadbeat dad and taking him to court. Quite the turnaround, eh?

While there’s not too much details since CB4 (perhaps DB4?) isn’t talking about the ongoing case, all I can say is that, if you do the math, his girlfriend got pregnant while Bosh would’ve been in Beijing.

Then there’s the weirder one. Firstly, I never expected to see a “missing child report,” come across the Associated Press sports wire, but it happened last night. According to the story, a 43-year-old woman snatched a 2-month-old baby at Tampa health clinic. Police are still investigating what happened, but the suspect happens to be the wife of a Pittsburgh Pirates prospect.

That was what got me. A prospect is married to a 43-year-old woman?  Does he not realize he can do much better than that? Well, the prospect in question is actually a pretty good player too, Jose Tabata, who is only 20 years old. Talk about robbing the cradle – twice if allegations are true.

You might remember his name since a) he’s one of the top prospects in that organization and b) he was traded there from the Yankees last season. Could you even imagine if Tabata was still a Yank and this happened? It would be getting a lot more play in the papers.

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