March 26, 2009

Start up the madness, already!

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball, Football

With the NCAA starting up again tonight (Go Villanova!) and a fantasy baseball draft to prepare for at noon (Go Whitefish!), I’ve just got a few tidbits today…

Roger Goodell, your league was ravaged by injuries worse than ever last season, why would you want to expand the season? Oh, I forgot, you’re a greedy bastard who is trying to ruin the best game in the world. Thanks for eliminating big hits on receivers who don’t keep their heads up either. That, and the elimination of Hines Ward’s patented huge blocks. Goodell is a hypocrite who wants to increase player safety, while forcing them to play more games.

Eric Mangini, why even tempt him? Offering Brett Favre an open invitation to training camp is like waving a crack pipe in front of Amy Winehouse. Sure, you think they’d know better than to go for it because they’ve quit but nobody quits addictions like that.

And, in the “Why, God, why?” category we have this monstrosity. It’s only 4,800 calories and if you finish it, you get a t-shirt. No wonder North Americans are getting fatter by the day.

Finally, here’s a quick insight into the Chris Bosh lawsuit story from yesterday. According to a source with inside knowledge of the Raptors, Bosh’s ex-girlfriend/baby’s mama has a bit of a reputation. Apparently, Bosh is the fourth professional basketball player she’s shacked up with. Seriously, he should have known better.


  1. Brett Favre can still do some good, somewhere!

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