March 28, 2009

Onto the Eight

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

I hope you didn’t have Memphis or Duke going too far because your bracket would be looking more busted than usual now. The two No. 2’s that a lot of people no doubt took, went down in flames. Villanova clearly outplayed a vastly over-matched Duke squad but the Memphis loss is a bit puzzling. How does a team with such great defence give up 102 points? It was only the second

What a shot by Levance Fields. That guy must have ice in his veins, judging by that game-winning shot on Thursday. That was an NBA distance three too. This guy has some pro-level potential.

If Blake Griffin isn’t showing he’ll be a great pro and is worthy of the No. 1 pick this coming NBA draft, well I’m not sure what else he has to do. That guy is just fantastic.

Should I even bother mentioning UConn and UNC winning handily? Those results were never in doubt. Although, I did expect a bit more fight from Gonzaga.

How about that bad sportsmanship by Louisville? When you’re up by nearly 40 points and there’s less than a minute left, why are you jacking up a three? And to dunk the ball with time dying, that’s just disgraceful. A win is a win no matter how much it’s by and Louisville should’ve taken their W with more grace.

If there’s one thing I hate at the end of close games (besides the constant timeouts and commercial breaks) it’s cheap fouls. In last night’s Michigan State-Kansas nail-biter, I had to endure watching the cheapest fouls called that ultimately screwed Kansas out of the Elite Eight. What happened to the unwritten rule that you don’t foul an opponent if they’re down by three? It’s just plain cheap.

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