April 9, 2009

The best week in sports?

by Dan Bilicki In: Uncategorized

When you start to think about all the great times of the year that sports has, is there any better than this week — the first week of April? You have two sports wrapping up their regular season — the NBA and NHL — with great races determining playoff seeds, division battles and even lottery odds. Baseball kicks off their season with some good afternoon games that entice people to play hookie from work and school. You have the NCAA championship, which with this year being the exception, is always a great game between two top teams. You have the Masters, the biggest event in golf on the toughest course that the States has to offer. There’s even Wrestlemania to kick off the week.

Hell, you even have Champions League soccer and some big league races over in Europe.

The only way the week could get better is if the NFL was somehow involved. But, with their draft coming up, there’s always the threat of a big move going down. I’m sure that the league would have loved to have seen the Plaxico Burress or Jay Cutler situation break this week.

So, forget the beginning of March Madness or October when you have the NFL and NHL opening up to go with some do-or-die pennant races. The first week of April will always be my favourite sporting week.

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