April 22, 2009

One Down…

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball, Ice Hockey

With the Canucks finishing up their sweep of the St. Louis Blues last night, they became the first team to advance in both the NBA and NHL playoffs. Granted, NBA teams have yet to even play four games, but since they’re both going on at roughly the same time, why now group them together? So who’s next to move on?

The NBA is littered with interesting matchups and 1-1 series after the first home sets. After tonight, Denver and Atlanta could be the only non-one-seeded teams to have a 2-0 advantage, which really says something about how tough the lower seeds are. I know that Orlando could fall to Philly once again, but realistically, there’s no way that’s happening.

So now, Boston has to take their act on the road, where they had a horrible time winning last playoffs, and do it with KG and now Leon Powe, a solid backup. Dallas stole a game in San Antonio and now has home court to try and wrestle the ailing Spurs out of the playoffs. Even the Lakers had to quell a late comeback bid by the Jazz last night to gain their 2-0 advantage. These playoffs are shaping up to be even greater than I expected.

With Van-City moving on in the NHL, they probably won’t be too lonely out in the second round for long. With Detroit and Boston on the verges of sweeps, it’s easy money to take one of them to win Game 4. The surprise of the playoffs so far has been the Anaheim Ducks, who are up 2-1 against the top-seeded Sharks. Each team has yet to win at home, which is sure to change, but when? Finally, who was right about the Capitals having a hard time with the Rangers? Of course it was me. Did you really think I’d give props to another writer? Fat chance.

The Intern’s back to work, so look for more of his stuff, supposedly, tomorrow.

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