April 22, 2009

The Intern’s take: First round matches

by The Intern In: Basketball

I was going to originally write a breakdown for each first round matchup, but after a lot of thought and feelings of lethargy I decided that idea was futile. With that being said, it really is only a two team race. The two teams of course being the L.A. Lakers and Toronto Raptors… Err, I mean the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s actually quite disheartening.

 It’s like going to the movies only to realize you’ve already seen it. Don’t get me wrong I think a Cavs-Lakers showdown will be epic. I can already picture the headlines. LBJ vs. Kobe, King James vs. Black Mamba or insert any other moniker you can think of. I’m even visualizing the posters. It would resemble the typical boxer poster with Kobe and LeBron facing each other with hands clinched into fists. So many potential story lines that I will get into but not right now because its bed time which is code for getting back to the Blazers-Rockets game.

 I’ll be back to finish this tomorrow! (Editor’s note: we’ll see about that)

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