April 25, 2009

The official RTP mock draft

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Here’s a quick take on how I think today’s NFL draft will breakdown. Of course it will never work out like this because I’m willing to bet everything that I own that someone will trade either up or down in the First Round — effectively killing every mock you’ve read for the past few months.

(Note: According to SI’s Peter King, the Jags and Redskins have swapped picks)

1. Detroit Lions — Matthew Stafford.
He’s already signed. And for a ton of money. Talk about suspense.
2. St. Louis — Jason Smith.
The number one tackle in the draft fills a huge need for the Rams.
3. Kansas City — Aaron Curry.
Don’t over-think it. Curry is the best defender in the draft.
4. Seattle — Michael Crabtree
I don’t buy the Seahawks taking Sanchez, they have other needs.
5. Cleveland — B.J. Raji.
The Browns need that anchor on the line.
6. Cincinnati — Eugene Monroe.
They luck out having the 1-A of tackles in the draft fall to them.
7. Oakland — Jeremy Maclin.
The funniest debate I’ve seen was Maclin vs. Crabtree. How could the Raiders ever even think of passing on Crabtree? Oh yeah, they’re the Raiders.
8. Washington — Mark Sanchez.
When you trade up to get someone, he better be worth it and I don’t think Sanchez has it.
9. Green Bay — Tyson Jackson.
The Pack are converting to the 3-4 this season and Jackson is a great 3-4 DE.
10. San Francisco — Andre Smith.
The Niners lock up the last of the great tackles in the draft.
11. Buffalo — Aaron Maybin.
In need of pass rushing help. Also need a offensive tackle, but could pick on up later with the 28th pick.
12. Denver — Brian Orakpo.
Need some big help on defensive side of the ball.
13. Jacksonville — Michael Oher.
Showed last season how important O-line depth is.
14. New Orleans — Malcolm Jenkins.
Could take the first RB of the draft but defence is the more pressing need.
15. Houston — Clay Matthews.
With his uncle on the staff, that’s just one of the many plusses going for him.

And, after the top 15, there’s no way the order stays intact so why bother stressing over the picks? Have fun watching the draft today.

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