April 28, 2009


by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

It takes a lot to set a record these days. Think about how many games have been played in any professional sports league. Think about how many greats have come before today’s athletes. Even if guys today have more modern equipment in their quests for greatness, their opponents have all the same benefits. That’s why last night’s Hornets-Nuggets” game” stands out to me so much.

It takes a lot of effort to loss by the largest margin ever in the NBA playoff history.

First of all, you have to have one of the worst offensive nights in league history, like New Orleans did. Their 63 points was tied for the fourth worst ever. Pretty sad.

Secondly, your key players have to absolutely crap the bed. Well, you can check that one off too. Big man Tyson Chandler racked up 4 fouls and no points in 13 minutes. David West had 14 uninspiring points but was a -38 when he was on the floor and MVP-candidate Chris Paul shot a lousy 2-for-7 for four points and had an assist/turnover ratio of 6/6. In total, the Hornets starters shot 10-for-34, or, 29% from the field.

Now, to top this whole monstrosity off, the Hornets were actually laying this stink bomb at home. How would you feel if you paid good money to see your team in the playoffs and they didn’t even try? I’d honestly see if I could sue them for my money back – and maybe some personal damages.


  1. While it was surprising that the Nuggets beat the Hornets by 58 it did come as a total shock since Denver dominated this series and won by large margins in all the games they won. Total mismatch.

    Dallas will certainly give Denver more of a challenge as the Nugs try to get to the west finals.


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