May 5, 2009

LBJ, all the way

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

There shouldn’t have been any doubt about this for the past weeks, but it was made official yesterday: LeBron James is the NBA’s MVP. Seriously, who else could it have honestly been? As great of a season it had been for individual performances, LeBron still stood the tallest by a sizable margin.

King James had a good team around him, but if he was missing from Cleveland’s lineup, I seriously doubt they would’ve made the playoffs, even with the Eastern Conference’s lax standards.

The rest of the candidates all had their flaws where LeBron didn’t. Kobe’s team was too good around him — as if that’s a huge flaw — and probably would have been good if he was missing. Dwyane Wade was a huge reason (read: 99% of the reason) that the Heat were able to finish where they did, but didn’t have a great record. Chris Paul put up great numbers, but really didn’t show that cared much at all. Plus, the Hornets were only a 7th seed. Finally, Dwight Howard was a force down low for the Magic, but wasn’t all that great on offence. (As for Chauncey Billups, are you kidding me?)

So now, LeBron has become the third youngest player to ever win the award and if you told me he’d never win another one, well I’d say you know nothing about basketball or sports in general. Really, I’d ask why you spent your time reading this post since you’re obviously no fan of sports. But seriously, at 24 years old, there’s no telling how much better The Chosen One can even get. There’s no ceiling for this kid and that’s what’s scariest about him.

Now, let’s see if he can lead the Cavs past the Lakers in the Finals. That would be one hell of an encore.

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