May 6, 2009

Please, Brett, not again…

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

It’s deja vu all over again. Just as we were all plagued last summer about Brett Favre’s potential comeback, it’s beginning to look like it will happen again. Yes, Favre is talking with the Minnesota Vikings about playing next season.

We’ve gone through all of this drama before, why is he forcing this on us again? The only difference about Favre’s flip-flopping of retirement/playing career is that there’s no real drama with the Green Bay Packers having to move on… Or is there?

The team that Favre is meeting with is the Packers’ hated division rival! Is the Great Brett really up for spitting in the collective faces of the Lambeau faithful. How dare he even consider turning to a team he once hated? Is he really that desperate to play that he’d sign a deal with a sworn enemy? Brett needs to wise up and realize what he’s doing to his reputation.

But maybe he knows what he’s doing and just doesn’t care. One troubling question is why would he ask for a release from New York if he wasn’t intending on coming back? There’s really no reason why he want that unless he intended on playing this season — since there was no chance of coming back with the Jets.

So, Favre is wide open to do what ever he wants to do. Be it retire or be it come back with any team that will take him, we’re going to hear about it at infinitum until there’s something set in stone.

Well, here’s hoping he’ll actually hang up his cleats, since I really don’t feel like having to pen any post about Favre that doesn’t involve him walking away from the NFL or entering the Hall of Fame in a few years time.


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