May 22, 2009

The day-long Peavy saga

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Well, there’s nothing like a good old day-long, will-he-won’t-he saga to distract me from how bad the Lakers had it last night. Seriously though, nobody can say that refs were on the Lakers’ side last night, especially in the fourth quarter. In fact, the refs were clearly slanted towards the Nuggets in Game 1 as well.

So, to keep me from posting a post that‘s barely readable because of the massive amounts of expletives, let’s talk about Jake Peavy. The day broke with news that the White Sox – not the long-rumoured cross-town Cubs – had put together a deal to land San Diego’s ace. This was contingent of Peavy accepting the trade, since he has a no-trade clause.

Well, this wouldn’t be a saga if everything went according to plan and Peavy was suiting up for the Chisox tonight. Apparently his reasoning for staying on the perennial losers is that he is fond of the new house that he’s living in and doesn’t want to move his family. I bet that one will come back to haunt his career. With an ace like Peavy and the bats the Chicago has, they could more than realistically taken the AL Central crown again. Keep in mind that this team won the World Series just four years ago on the strength of their pitching. Why couldn’t they realistically win it again with a combination of Peavy, Buerhle, Danks and Floyd? It’s not a long shot.

But now, Jake Peavy will be captain of a sinking ship. The Padres will continually try to rebuild, but what they really need is to get Peavy’s huge contract off their books and to land some prospects in return.

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