June 10, 2009

Magic take Game 3

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Well, you could tell it was coming. After a performance for four quarters on Sunday that made the Magic look like they deserved a win in L.A., they came out of Game 3 with the series at 2-1, instead of a virtually impossible 3-0. And boy, did they pull off some magic to make it that way. Really, after watching Orlando look like they were piecing everything together on the floor in Game 2, it would be hard to argue that they’d come out flat in a home game. 

But here’s the thing about their four point win (which should have been a two point win except Kobe fouled Rashard with 0.5 seconds remaining for no good reason): The Magic set two shooting records to pick up that slim victory. Seriously, they broke the NBA Finals records for FG% in a game (62.5%) and FG% in a half (75%). How you can break those two records and come out with a five point lead at half and four point win are preposterous. If you’re a Lakers fan, you have to feel pretty good about the rest of this series since what’re the chances that lightning will strike twice and as hard as that?

Hey, look at that, Dwight finally showed up. The Intern dug up a nice little chart off 82games.com that brings up a curious number. The Magic are apparently better with Dwight off the floor, than with him on it. +2.7 while he’s playing compared to +11 when he’s sitting isn’t something that should accompany your best player’s line in the Finals.

Then there’s Kobe’s fourth quarter. I can’t believe that a player as good as Bryant would miss that many free throws in a Finals game. I can’t believe that one of the best “closers” in the game could blow one like that. I can’t believe he didn’t even attempt to help up Gasol after Pau dove for the loose ball. One thing’s for sure though, I wouldn’t expect a poor performance like that again any time soon.

Well, there is another theory as to why the Magic looked like a team of destiny last night: Karma. Maybe coming out and saying that your team should have lost the previous game and the refs blew it wasn’t such a great idea Phil. Shouldn’t he, of all people, known the possible karmic effect on this game?

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