June 23, 2009

It’s starting to get a little drafty

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball, Ice Hockey

Who’s great idea was it to schedule two drafts in one week? Actually, nix that, two drafts over the course of three days. With the NBA draft kicking off with Blake Griffins’ selection (read: sentencing) by the Clippers on Thursday night, it will start a draft-heavy weekend. You see, since the NHL has decided to hold their draft on Friday and Saturday, it’ll be non-stop ticker updates of selections on any sporting news channel you’ll tune into.

And don’t forget the flooding of mock drafts we’ll be inundated with in newspapers and online (RTP’s NBA mock will be up Thursday). I may have mentioned this before, but mock drafts might be the single most ridiculous thing in the world of sports predictions.

There’s just no way to actually account for potential trades and wild card happens on draft day or night. I didn’t see a single mock that had a suggestion of the Jets moving to the five spot to land Mark Sanchez during the NFL draft, as a recent example of trades exploding mocks.

How many insiders would have had the Raptors taking Rafael Araujo eighth overall in 2004? My bet is none since it was such a horrible pick. The moral of that story could be that dumb picks will happen, even if the majority of insiders don’t think they will.

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that the draft is an inexact science — an equation that’s nearly impossible to crack. And think about what would happen if you could solve the riddle of drafting prospects. Sports would collapse in on themselves and dynasties would rule the landscapes of leagues. It’s a good thing that unpredictability will always prevail in sports — whether in the draft or in outcomes of games and seasons. If it didn’t, well I wouldn’t have much to write about now, would I?


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