June 25, 2009

One hell of an upset

by Dan Bilicki In: Soccer

Sure, it’s no USA 4, USSR 3, but yesterday’s victory by the States over the No. 1 country in the soccer world is one of the most shocking upsets I’ve ever seen. With Spain pounded the goal with shot after shot and the U.S. defence threw themselves around to block some great chances. Goalie Tim Howard played about as marvellous as you possibly can between the pipes. There were times when it looked certain that the Spaniards’ high-powered attack would succeed at cracking home a goal, but the Americans would not back down. It was a great and inspiring sight to see — even if I had to watch in Italian on TLN.

One thing’s for sure and that is there will be some more attention paid to soccer in North America after a game like that.

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