June 30, 2009

Ze Germans conquer

by Dan Bilicki In: Soccer

They may have scored four goals in their first four matches of the tournament, but the Germans were able to put four in past a beleaguered English side yesterday to take the UEFA U-21 Championship.

If there’s a person to blame for England’s loss, it’s suspended goalkeeper Joe Hart. If he hadn’t been a complete idiot in the shootout against Sweden, he would’ve been able to play in the Final and provided some better keeping than. Discipline is not one of his best qualities apparently and he really showed he needs to grow up after his taunting of the Swedes caused this blow out.

But really, if the English and their supporters ever want to complain about the suspensions for the final, weren’t their “B” team strong enough to draw the Germans a week ago? What happened to that side that looked much better then this squad composed of mainly “A” players?

The Germans may have scored four goals, but they won this game, and tournament for the matter, with strong defence. One of the best advantages that Germany had in this game were the long legs of Mats Hummels. It seemed that he would slide in and break up any run that England attempted. Coupled with strong play from their entire back row, it seemed impossible to get clean shots on goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, Overall, Germany played some stunning defence against the young Lions.

Even with no true forwards playing, the Germans were able to put together attacks thanks to the creativity and play-making ability of converted attacking midfielder, Mesut Ozil. Between him, Neuer and Gonzalo Castro — to name a few — the Germans have plenty of talent that could potentially make their World Cup squad next year.

After strong showings at this tournament, it’s pretty safe to say that the footballing future for both nationas is looking solid. But, it must be pointed out that Ze Germans now hold the title of being the UEFA Under-17, 19, and 21 champions. How’s that for an accomplishment?

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