July 2, 2009

Free agency on ice

by Dan Bilicki In: Ice Hockey

Nothing really gets on my nerves more than huge stories about where free agents will go followed by the target quickly re-signing with their previous team. That’s essentially what happened with the Sedin twins and the Canucks yesterday. Weren’t the twin Swedes supposed to test the waters of free agency? They didn’t even field offers from other teams! Well, when the two of them disparaged the thought of being broken up, it made it very difficult for them to find a team with the kind of cap space it would take to bring home them both. And how bad does Daniel feel knowing he’ll always make the same as his slightly inferior brother?

Well, it looks like the Chicago Blackhawks won’t be winning the Stanley Cup for the next 12 years. For roughly $62.4 million, they’ve landed Marian Hossa, who effectively cursed the Red Wings this past final and the Penguins the year before. Good luck furthering that Cup drought Chicago.

Marian Gaborik has signed with the New York Rangers. Let’s have the closest hospital to MSG ready itself for a wild ride with this guy. A light wind can knock him over and potentially blow out his knee.

Signing a 32-year-old defenceman – who will never be a top guy – to a seven-year deal may not have been the best idea for supposedly cash-strapped Tampa Bay Lightning. Mattias Ohlund isn’t the type of guy who will dig them out of the cellar.

Any time you can sign a defenceman coming off an 11-point season to five year, $4.5-million per year deal, you do it. Maybe Brian Burke isn’t a genius. He also gave a fourth liner a four year, $4-million deal.

The Montreal Canadiens have started their retooling after a tumultuous 100th season. By signing Brian Gionta and Mike Cammalleri, one thing is for sure, the Habs will be scoring a lot more goals next season.

And, finally, somebody actually wanted to move to Edmonton. It’s quite surprising actually. Who would voluntarily want to live there?

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