July 6, 2009

Master of Champions

by Dan Bilicki In: Golf

MLB all-star rosters may have been announced yesterday, but the real news was over in England. Roger Federer won his record 15th Grand Slam championship by defeating Andy Roddick in the longest fifth set ever played at Wimbledon.

It’s the second year in a row that the final has been an absolutely stunning match. After last year’s “greatest match ever” that saw Rafael Nadal dethrone Federer, this year’s championship took an amazing 30 fifth set games to settle the winner.

What also amazed me is how well Roddick played. I never would have thought he had four hours of tennis in him against an opponent like Federer. Having the endurance to keep winning with his serve and still being able to return Federer’s blasts (sometimes) was a great feat for the American. Kudos to you Andy, for you play and your hot, model wife.

Also, it was very fitting that later in the day, Federer’s good friend Tiger Woods came through and held onto win the PGA AT&T National. When was the last time that the two best players in two different sports were good friends? Has this ever happened before? And why isn’t more being made of this?

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