July 8, 2009

The biggest non-news of the day

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Since when did the willingness to listen to a deal become a top news story? Just because Toronto Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi is now willing to listen to offers for franchise cornerstone Roy Halladay, doesn’t mean anything will happen. Seriously, I think that any GM that says he won’t even listen to a deal for any of his players, regardless of their stature

Let’s put it this way, even if any GM in any sport said they would never consider trading a player, what would happen if someone came along and blew them out of the water with a massive deal? What if the San Francisco Giants came along and offered Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain for Doc Halladay? The Jays would be idiots to not trade their ace for two younger, cheaper aces.

After months of Manchester United towing the line that they’d never sell Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid threw out a world record bid of 80-million pounds for the superstar and now Ronaldo’s plying his trade in Spain.

Cleveland parting with LeBron James (through trade, not be inevitable free agency)? Of course not, but what if the Lakers offered up Kobe and Gasol?

Peyton Manning is untouchable? What if the Patrots offered up Tom Brady and Randy Moss?

See, it’s all a matter of circumstance. Really, the worst thing that could happen about J.P. saying he’ll listen is that it is getting blown out of proportion like this. This does not mean that the former Cy Young winner is on the block by any stretch of the imagination. So, deals will come along that, more than likely won’t add up to enough for, arguably, the best pitcher in the game right now. And really, the only thing that will happen is the Jays will simply say, “No.”

Is that so bad?

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