July 15, 2009

The Obama-star game

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Is it just me or did every single interview during last night’s all-star game revolve on U.S. President Barack Obama? I know how important and historically significant he has been for the States, but wasn’t there a game going on?

Since everyone was too busy paying attention to the man who basically controls the free world, the game flew by in a watched-pot-never-boils style. Fielders made their plays, pitchers were efficitent and overall, the hitters didn’t really put on a show that you’d expect from the stars. I guess the old adage is true: Good defence beats good offence.

And, how’s this for all-star efficiency: Edwin Jackson threw only four pitches to get three outs. They were all strikes and that was the end of his day. Also, the American League retired 18 NL hitters in a row before the announcers mentioned and, fittingly, Adrian Gonzalez was walked.

It turned out that this year’s Midsummer Classic was actually the shortest since 1988 and went a mere two hours, 31 minutes. In case you wanted to know, the game was actually shorter than Monday’s home run derby!

It was nice to see a fast paced game in one of baseball’s showcase event, but next year, I’m hoping for at least one long ball. Maybe if Manny or A-Rod made it…

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