August 10, 2009

My 20 cents

by Dan Bilicki In: Ice Hockey

With training camps well under way, the Hall of Fame game going last night and Madden 10 due out this Friday, it’s safe to say that the NFL season has begun. But nobody really cares about the pre-season and Terrell Owens’ two catch performance yesterday. Besides, the real news involving Buffalo this weekend was a lot more entertaining.

It looks like Chicago Blackhawks forward and Buffalo native Patrick Kane was in his hometown and decided to tie one on with some old friends and a cousin of his. This led to a late night cab ride home that ended up in Kane and his cousin beating up the cabbie. Apparently, the cabbie didn’t have 20 cents to give the two guys in change, so, being the idiots that they were, they beat up the cabbie.

The Kanes were charged with a count of felony robbery and misdemeanour counts of theft of services and criminal mischief. Patrick Kane pleaded not guilty.

This raises a couple of questions: Who parties in Buffalo? Buffalo nightclubs stay open until 4 a.m.? Do you really want to stay out in Buffalo that late? When you’re making almost $1 million per season, should you really be caring about a 20 cent tip to a cabbie? Is 20 cents really worth beating someone up over? And, how does EA Sports feel about putting Kane on the cover of NHL 10?

While I’m sure all these answers will come out eventually, this whole incident is a big black eye for the NHL and its reputation. While they should be trying to distance themselves from the image of being a league of goons, this only solidifies that. Plus, the NHL has been relatively good compared to the other major sports in terms of player’s legal problems. Well, until now that is.

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  1. The young players should follow Sydney Crosby’s example, work hard and stay out of trouble!

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