August 11, 2009


by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

How, in this day and age, do you simply let your starting right fielder walk away and get nothing in return NOT in free agency? Well, that’s what happened yesterday when the Toronto Blue Jays decided to simply let Alex Rios walk out and join the Chicago White Sox because they didn’t feel like paying his somewhat large salary anymore.

The dumbest part about this waiver wire transaction is that soon-to-be-ex Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi insisted that this move wasn’t a salary dump. How could you possibly just give away a decent player and his huge contract, get nothing in return and try to justify it to the fans by saying it isn’t a salary dump? It really makes no sense.

Granted his contract that would Rios around $60 million over the next five years is quite a bit, but he’s still a relatively young player at 28 and a two-time all-star. But aren’t most professional athletes usually overpaid? It’s why agents make money after all. Also, Ricciardi gave Rios this huge extension only last year. Is this not admitting how badly he messed up with this deal? I think it’s awfully apparent that the answer is yes.

Seriously though, how could the Jays not even get a box of balls or a few bats? That would actually make the offer seem fair.

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