August 14, 2009

Vick Madness

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Just when I was psyched up to grab my copy of Madden and start my franchise off right by signing Michael Vick to a terribly low contract, he had to go out and sign with the Philadelphia Eagles and ruin my chance of stealing him as a wildcat guy.

While joining the Eagles organization makes sense for a guy with a troubled past like Vick’s, it doesn’t really make sense on the field. The Eagles already have three guys who can play QB, including an established starter (McNabb), a veteran backup (Feeley) and a promising kid (Kolb). If the Eagles were thinking about running him out of the wildcat, don’t you think that they already had a suitable back to that with in Brian Westbrook? So, finding a place for Vick on the field is going to be tough.

Really, this move is more about Vick re-learning the steps and slowly working his way back into the game. Seriously, I would doubt if he even plays this season barring some unfortunate injuries to the aforementioned Philly pivots.

If there are two things that are absolutely certain after this news, one is that Philly’s Week 12 game in Atlanta is going to be covered to death by everyone in the media. The other thing: I can’t wait to settle down with my copy of Madden, with Vick or not.

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