September 2, 2009

AFC South preview

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Continuing with the previews, we reach the AFC South, which has the potential to be the best in all of football. It’s entirely possible that every team in the division could finish .500 or above and those perennial sleeper Texans have their best shot at being playoff-bound yet.

Indianapolis Colts (Last season: 12-4).
A huge overturn on the coaching staff could spell trouble for the Colts, but with Peyton Manning on the field, who needs a coach? Replacing Marvin Harrison’s skills from last year won’t be hard for Anthony Gonzalez, but getting on the same level with Manning trust-wise could be next to impossible. With the Colts, the question will always come to health on the defence and offensive line and this season is no different. They should hope their trainers are on their toes.
Predicted Record: 11-5.

Houston Texans (Last season: 8-8).
Originally, I wasn’t too hot on the team that seems to be everyone’s sleeper every year, but while going through their roster and schedule, it clicked. If Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson stay healthy, this could be a very good team. Their defence is getting increasingly solid and they have good players at almost every position. The Texans should get their first taste of the post-season – and their first quick defeat.
Predicted Record: 9-7.

Tennessee Titans (Last season: 13-3).
Losing Albert Haynesworth hurts the defensive line, but paying him $100 million would have hurt even more as the Redskins will soon find out. The Titans didn’t really upgrade their weak receiving core and Kerry Collins is a year older. A lot of pressure will be put on sophomore Chris Johnson and a tequila-free LenDale White, can they handle it? I smell a regression.
Predicted Record: 8-8.

Jacksonville Jaguars (Last season: 5-11).
With the departure of Fred Taylor, the Jags will now solely rely on Maurice Jones-Drew to rumble them down the field. Everyone may not realize this, but David Garrard was actually a decent QB last season despite losing two-fifths of his offensive line in the first week of the season. Subbing in Torry Holt for Matt Jones is a huge upgrade at receiver as well.
Predicted Record: 8-8.

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