September 2, 2009

Pacman heads north

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

We take a break from our regularly scheduled football news to bring, well, more football news.

Pacman Jones has taken his act on his road and he’s following in Ricky Williams’ footsteps by heading north to the CFL. Or is he? How funny is it that the team that has reportedly signed him is denying it? People should really get their facts straight before talking about anything – and this goes both ways. It’s nice to see these reports being made, when they’re true. It’s even nicer when a team acknowledges that a signing, especially of a questionable yet good player, has happened.

I have no clue why the Blue Bombers are denying the signing of a former first round pick that can still play at a moderately high level. And really, what kind of trouble could Pacman get into being marooned in Winnipeg? Acutally, considering that the ladies in strip clubs can go bottomless in Canada, he might get in even more trouble.

The real question is: How did customs ever let him cross the border?

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