September 4, 2009

Tough luck, Chelsea

by Dan Bilicki In: Soccer

That’s what you get when you tamper with players and their contracts, Chelsea. The English powerhouse has been banned from adding any new players during the next two transfer periods

Could you imagine a team in any sport other than soccer not being allowed to sign a free agent or make a deal for an entire calendar year? It would be preposterous by any standard and Chelsea has a good case for their appeal.

Imagine the Yankees or Red Sox forced to sit out an entire winter without throwing cash at a new player. Imagine a high calibre NBA team not being allowed to sign that savvy veteran to push them over the top at the deadline. Imagine an NHL team not being allowed to throw a ridiculous 12-year contract at a player who has just turned 30.

If their appeal is shot down, or even if they only have to miss one transfer period, all I know for sure is that this 18-year-old kid Gael Kakuta better have been worth it — and I suspect he won’t be. How could a kid like Kakuta ever match the impact of a player that Chelsea may chase in the range of tens of millions Euros? That’s a lot of pressure for a youngster.

In the end, I’d look for the Blues to be major players during the January 2011 transfer period. They’ll have a lot to make up for. Also, look for them to avoid stupidly tampering with other team’s players.

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