September 14, 2009

A glorious return

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

I really didn’t realize how much I missed NFL football until I spent yesterday watching as much of it as I could. There is really no substitute out there.

Of course, there’s always a couple big injuries on the first week of the season and this year was no different with a couple of possible game-changers. The Steelers have lost All-World safety Troy Polamalu for a month, the Eagles are waiting to do some tests of their own before ruling on QB Donovan McNabb’s fractured ribs and the Bears have lost their defensive anchor, Brian Urlacher for the season after he dislocated his wrist last night.

Which of those injuries is the worst? I’d have to say Urlacher’s since the Bears looked very out of sorts when he was on the sidelines last night, but Polamalu is irreplaceable in the Steelers secondary and McNabb’s backups aren’t exactly the best in the business.

As for some of the other stories of Week 1…

Before we all start falling all over ourselves because of Drew Brees’ six TD passes, can we remember that he was at home, on the fast track, against the Lions, who are coming off a 0-16 season? With that in mind, he should’ve had seven TDs, at least.

What a way to end a weak game by Denver. Brandon Stokley catching that miraculous tipped balled and running it in for an 87-yard TD reception was the only thing from that game that should make the highlight reels. What happened to these so-called improved offences of Cincinnati and Denver? How they come out with a 12-7 game?

I can’t believe I didn’t factor the Cardinals losing their offensive coordinator into some of fantasy picks this season. They have the personnel, but it just doesn’t look too organized in the desert. Either that, or maybe San Francisco is the real deal. You have to admire the 180 that Coach Mike Singletary has pulled with this team since taking over last year.

If you’re not afraid of the Giants pass rush with their added depth from free agent signings and the return of Osi Umenyiora, you really should be. And why aren’t teams just triple-teaming Steve Smith on third downs? Eli will throw it to him every time, no matter what.

As for my picks, I started this season out 7-6, which could’ve been worse, plus I have New England and San Diego tonight.

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