September 15, 2009

A night of overconfidence

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

It didn’t take too long to notice that last night’s doubleheader of Monday Night Football games wouldn’t be going like pretty much everyone expected them to. Buffalo came out looking a lot better than anyone expected, Tom Brady looked like a guy struggling to find a rhythm and the Patriots’ offensive line looked like they couldn’t handle a decent pass rush.

Well, if the whole game went on like the first three quarters went, I’d have opened this post stating how much of huge upset the Bills defeating the Patriots was. Somehow the Bills choked away a two score lead in the final two minutes and the Pats went back to being the same Pats that have beaten the Bills for, now, 12 games in a row. 

But really, why didn’t Leodis McKelvin just take a knee in the endzone? Or why didn’t he just take a dive at the 20 rather than getting smoked? And why didn’t he just fall on the ball after that big hit? He cost his team the game and he should be hearing about that return for a while.

Then, the Chargers, who hadn’t lost to the Raiders in their past 11 meetings, also, couldn’t get going against a seemingly revitalized Oakland team. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve seen the Raiders play as well as they did last night. To give you some sort of appreciation of how little I thought of the formerly crummy silver-and-black squad, I not only picked against them, but I wagered more than a few dollars against them as well.

Wow, what a pass on 4th and 15 to not only keep their drive alive, but to take the lead with a nice TD. Even after several penalties could have made some believe that it was, in fact, that same old Raiders again, they actually came through.

But, in the end, the right team won. The Chargers used their array of options and savvy on offence to march down the field and drive the proverbial dagger into the hearts of Raiders Nation. Too bad for me they couldn’t cover though.

This week: 7-8
This season: 7-8

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