September 21, 2009

A crummy housewarming present

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

It’s the first official day of fall and that just means football is around to keep you away from your much-needed yard work. And what a slate of Sunday games it was as well, topped off with the grand opening of Jerry Jones’ $1.15-billion masterpiece and the biggest crowd to ever watch an NFL game.

I could have told you beforehand, and I pretty much did in my picks, that the Giants would more than likely walk away with a W in Big D. But I actually thought they’d do it in a bit more of an impressive fashion. I must say that the Cowboys rushing attack might be the best in the business after watching them tear apart New York’s highly touted defensive front-7. The trio of Barber, Jones and Choice is a force to be reckoned with. If only the ’Boys could cover some receivers, they’d be a true Super Bowl contender.

It looks like the Bears need Brian Urlacher less than the Steelers need Troy Polamalu. But it’s even truer that the Steelers needed a kicker better than Jeff Reed yesterday. He’s still 0-for-his career kicking field goals at Soldier Field.

Wow! Jake the Snake Delhomme only threw one interception against the Falcons! Two bad it was near the end of the game when the Panthers were getting close to scoring and potentially tying it up.

Is Cincinnati a good team? Or did Green Bay just drop a stinker in their home opener? With the game ending on an offensive penalty to drain the clock while marching down the field, these Packers looked a lot like last season’s version: Blowing close, winnable games at the end.

These are not the Patriots we remembered with Tom Brady at the helm. It might have just been Wes Welkers’ mysterious absence from the game, or the Jets ability to dial it up on defence and offence in the half, but there might be some trouble brewing in New England. Two really close games in a row against division opponents just aren’t what we’re used to expecting from the Brady Bunch.

Finally, in perhaps the matchup of the day, the Ravens walked into San Diego ready for a fight and walked out with a nice win. I didn’t believe that the Ravens defence could be the same without Rex Ryan, but when half of the guys playing defence are smart enough to be player-coaches, Ryan’s loss doesn’t hurt that much. What did hurt was Ray Lewis’ last play hit on Darren Sproles; what a pounding behind the line.

Last week: 6-8 (Indy -3 tonight)
This season: 13-16

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