September 22, 2009

Monday Night drama

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

With the Colts-Dolphins ending up being a thriller, you could almost question which had better drama: The season premiers of House and/or Heroes on opposite channels, or the great game that came down to a hail mary on the last play.

We’ve all been treated to an amazing SIX night games in a row that have come down to the wire — a remarkable stat so early in the season. There’s been no way to change the channel with the slate of late games we’ve seen so far.

Last night, with the Colts scoring late in the fourth to take the lead by four, Miami started making their way down the field — quite slowly, though — and were able to take a shot at the end zone as time expired.

Sunday, you had the Giants kick the game-winning field goal with time expiring. Last week, both Monday nighters were absolute gems with the Patriots scoring twice in the last three minutes and the Chargers driving almost the length of field to beat the Raiders. Also, Green Bay just scraped by the Bears while the Steelers needed overtime to win the season opener.

Obviously, there’s no real way to predict which games, week-to-week, will be classics, but I’ve got to say that whoever is running the show at the NFL regarding scheduling, they’ve been doing one hell of a job so far.

But, here’s hoping the next Monday night the Cowboys can pick up their first win in their new digs under the bright, network lights.

This week: 7-8.
This season: 14-16.

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