September 29, 2009

Big D for Dallas

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Well, something had to give. The Cowboys, who hadn’t recorded a sack or a turnover so far this season, were hosting the Carolina Panthers, who start Jake Delhomme at QB, last night for Monday Night Football.

Did you really think that a QB as bad as Delhomme could go an entire game without giving up the ball? Of course not and in the second quarter, on an ill-advised lob into double coverage downfield, Cowboys CB Mike Jenkins him picked off. It didn’t stop there either as the Boys were able to sack Delhomme thrice, cause him to fumble away the ball late and Terence Newman picked him off for a TD that effectively sealed the game.

But while Dallas’ defence showed up for every drive except one, the offence sputtered at times before finally realizing that maybe running the ball was the way to go, especially in close at the goal line.

But seriously, why didn’t the Cowboys run it from the one yard line? Really, two throws in a row at a crucial point in the game? Are you serious? Why not pound the ball when you have a huge offensive line and have two downs to work with? I would be willing to bet that Jason Garrett is fired during the off-season.

Sure, we all love to see a great passing spectacle, but when it’s not working the running game should be utilized. Especially when you have some hogs on the offensive line and a three-headed monster backfield.

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