October 6, 2009

Revenge taken

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Brett Favre may have said he wasn’t looking for revenge against the Green Bay Packers, but he sure did get it last night. Favre looked like the same QB that was leading those Packers to division titles over the Vikings a dozen or so years ago. But, I have one question that’s really bothering me now: several fans in the crowd in Minnesota were spotted wearing Favre’s old Green Bay jersey, just who were they rooting for, the Vikings current QB or, the visiting Packers? This is really bothering me.

And why would someone from Minnesota ever even own a Jets Favre jersey?

Also, picking last night’s game should have actually been a lot easier than it was. A lot of people went Green Bay’s way and now, I can’t tell why. One thing should have jumped out days before the game and that was the health of the Packers offensive line. Teams that lose their starting left tackle is usually in for some trouble and when you have to face a defensive line the calibre of Minnesota’s, it usually spells disaster. Jared Allen and the Williamses had no problem getting to Aaron Rodgers and stopping the run, the Vikes dominated the game in both trenches and anybody should have seen this coming.

This week: 7-6
This season: 30-30

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