October 9, 2009

NFL Week 5 picks

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Since I couldn’t post about last week’s action since I was off in Chicago watching the Bears crush the lowly Lions, here’s a few of my thoughts now that I’ve caught up with last weekend’s stories.

— There are only three bad thing about attending an NFL game: The prices of food, other games and information aren’t readily accessible and the lines to get in.
— The best things about attending a game: Getting to watch a play develop, seeing the intensity of the plays up close, getting drunk at one in the afternoon and, of course, the fans. You can have almost as much fun people watching as you can watching the play on the field, which is saying a lot for the fans.
— Baltimore is right; Tom Brady is a little bitch. Grow a pair and act like a man. Don’t act like a certain Portuguese soccer player when somebody comes near you.
— Both Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett should be fired right now. Don’t blame Tony Romo for Dallas’ shortcomings, blame the same two guys at the top of the decision making food chain. Guys just aren’t motivated for the Cowboys.
— Let’s remember that San Diego always starts out horribly. I won’t be surprised when they pick up the pace and prove their GM wrong.
— With bye weeks starting last week, it’s time to start figuring in how rested players will be in the weeks following.

As for this week’s picks, the home teams are in CAPS and the lines are from Vegas…

Minnesota -10 over ST. LOUIS
There won’t be a let down after creaming the Packers on Monday Night. Even on the road, the Vikings are a strong play to dominate the lowly Rams.

Dallas -8 at KANSAS CITY
The Cowboys have to get it put together here before their bye week. But if they don’t, then heads could roll in Big D.

CAROLINA -3.5 over Washington
The Redskins are just good enough to beat the worst teams in the league, but with the Panthers coming off an embarrassing start to the season and bye week, Carolina could really lay a beating on the Skins.

PHILADELPHIA -15 over Tampa Bay
The Eagles are nicely rested, get Donovan McNabb back at QB and are playing at home against the second or third worst team in the league. The only that will stop the Eagles from covering might be an early forfeit.

NEW YORK GIANTS -16 over Oakland
If you think that the same Raiders that were crushed by the Texans last week will be able to do better — and hence cover — against a team in the debate among the best in the NFL, you must be crazy. It’s really sad how many piss-poor teams there are this season…

Cleveland +6 over BUFFALO
And this game should be the biggest turd of them all. Maybe jettisoning Braylon Edwards will be the spark that the Browns very sorely need. If it isn’t, then I hope those undisclosed draft picks they got in the deal turn into stars,

BALTIMORE -8.5 over Cincinnati
I’m still not buying into the Bengals winning ways, especially after being taken to the last seconds of overtime against the sad sack Browns. The Ravens will be fired up after being beaten by the pussified Patriots last week.

DETROIT +10.5 over Pittsburgh
The Steelers haven’t exactly been inspiring on the road, losing to the Bengals and Bears. But the Lions will be starting Daunte Culpepper at QB this week which means at least one interception return for a TD.

Atlanta +2.5 over SAN FRANCISCO
Who would have thought two years ago that a Falcons-Niners game could be the must-watch game of the week. The Falcons may be traveling out west, but they’ll be well-rested after that bye.

New England -3 over DENVER
The Patriots have kept on being written off the past two weeks and have won both games. This is Broncos first test since their fluke win over the Bengals — that’s right, the Cowboys beat themselves last week. And if you don’t think that Belichick has a frosty handshake in store for Josh McDaniels, well you don’t know football.

ARIZONA -5.5 over Houston
Pick the “over” in this one. The Cardinals have something to prove after a disappointing loss to the Colts. It’ll be hard to imagine the Cards being run off their home turf again by an AFC South opponent.

Jacksonville (Pick) over SEATTLE
Whether it’s Matt Hasselbeck or Seneca Wallace under centre for Seattle, it might not matter after seeing how well David Garrard’s Jags have been playing the past two weeks. Maybe they haven’t quit on coach Jack Del Rio yet.

Indianapolis -3.5 over TENNESSEE
Division rivalry be damned, this line is way too low. First of all, it’s Peyton Manning in a night game. Second, this matchup is an undefeated team against a winless one. Third, the Colts travel well so there’s no real home field advantage. It’ll be sad to see the once mighty Titans go 0-5.

New York Jets -1.5 over MIAMI
The Jets come off losing a tough game to the amazing Saints, and that only makes them a 1.5 favourite against the one-win Dolphins? That doesn’t make much sense to me, but it does make this the bet of the week.

Last week: 7-6
Last season: 30-30


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  2. I said the colts, but I have no reason to believe that. I just saw them dominate the Ravens two weeks ago.

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