October 22, 2009

The Phillies return

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

One slot on the final dance card is filled out and the other name could be scribbled I tonight. With a 10-4 victory over the visiting Dodgers last night, the Philadelphia Phillies booked their return to the World Series. The defending champs had no problem with Los Angeles, who just couldn’t get their pitching together or their vaunted bats firing.

Now, with the Yankees a win away from making the World Series, we should see another all-east coast matchup like the Phils-Rays last year, but this one could deal with even more weather havoc. One thing is for sure about this Fall Classic and it’s that players are going to be cold. How it affects the two teams for the northeast will be a big factor in the matchup – if the Yanks seal the deal, that is – and could even swing the series by a couple games if players and coaches are ill-prepared in the field.

So now, it’s all up to the Yankees to wrap up their tilt with the Angels – which is no walk in the park – and advance to try to unseat the reigning champs.

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