December 22, 2009

A lateral move

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

There was a huge touch of irony that after the Cowboys cut their kicker, Nick Folk, for missing a chip-shot 24-yard field goal that would have essentially clinched a game against New Orleans, they signed a new kicker who had lost his previous job for the exact same reason – Sean Suisham.

I’m not sure how you’re improving the team by signing a guy who has commited the same crime as the previous guy, but at least Suisham hadn’t led the league in missed field goals this season and has been relatively successful thus far in his career.

The real irony about this move by the Cowboys is who they are facing on Sunday: The Washington Redskins. Suisham had been on the Redskins roster as recently as two weeks and, while I’m not sure if kickers get the entire playbook, sure could help out Dallas if they asked about a thing or two on special teams at the very least.

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