December 30, 2009

An unnecessary spectacle

by Dan Bilicki In: Ice Hockey, Olympics

The Winter Olympic Games are just around the corner and that means the NHL will stop working and send its best players to out to represent their countries. The other 90% or so, they get a two week break with maybe a practice or two in the middle of the season. While I’m sure many people would find this ridiculous, many Canadians don’t – probably because the Games are in Vancouver this year.

Well, today, the Canadian Olympic Committee announced who would represent the first nation in hockey at February’s Games and there was little surprise. If you didn’t expect the team to look like the current roster, well, you just might not know ice hockey. And if your picks were only slightly different, well just remember that one or two of the guys named today will more than likely get injured within the next two months.

I could break down the roster of men destined for Gold, but every news source in Canada has done that relentlessly for the past few months and today’s ceremony even allowed time for analysts to insert their shots. Besides the most interesting part of the entire thing was how many networks across Canada were broadcasting this “event.” The answer: 13. Apparently the majority of television stations in the Great White North had nothing better to air than the announcement for the future 2010 Olympic bronze medallists.

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