January 4, 2010

Finally, NFL clarity

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

It only took until the final game of the regular season, but we now know who is going where when the NFL post-season kicks off next Saturday. So what do we have to look forward to next week, now that everything is settled? A bunch of repeats. It may be no fault of NFL schedule makers, but doesn’t it kind of suck to see three games essentially repeated two weeks in a row? Especially when it’s a rematch of teams like Cincinnati vs. the Jets and the Packers at Cardinals. The Eagles-Cowboys double dip is pretty intriguing though, considering their division rivalry and that Dallas swept the regular season against Philly.

I do have one big question for the Bengals coming into their wild card game: How many hours are you going to spend trying to break down what Brad Smith was able to do to you last night? Shouldn’t teams be good enough to stop these wildcat types by now?

In Denver, maybe it wasn’t the smartest idea for the Broncos to bench Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler for the biggest game of their season. How can management defend the decision to sit their best wide receiver when a trip to the playoffs was on the line. Is one player being late for a massage really worth throwing your season out over? Sometimes these disciplinary matters make no sense.

After another stunning win to end the season and likely save Eric Mangini’s job, the Browns put together another anti-stunning day in the passing game. The final tally for Browns passing yards during their five wins: 386 yards. Those were days of 23, 90, 66 (in 41 point effort!), 121 and 86 yards. Those numbers are simply stunning.

One coach who didn’t manage to save his job was Jim Zorn in Washington. Hiring the guy was a mistake to begin with and now that he’s all but gone, there should be a few talking heads going on about how they called this outcome from the beginning. Now, Dan Snyder just has to throw enough money at either Mike Shanahan, Bill Cowher or one of the other proven coaches looking for work.

Finally, I think that the case for resting some of your best guys when there’s nothing at stake was settled yesterday when Wes Welker blew out his knee without even being hit. People don’t realize that it doesn’t always take a massive hit from a defender to end a person’s season. Welker’s knee simply buckled while making a cut and that turned out to be a torn ACL and MCL. Now, the Patriots will be without one of the best receivers in the league and will have to count on rookie Julian Edleman on all of their short slot routes. Not exactly what you want to do when playing the physical Ravens.

This week: 8-5-1
This season: 138-101-4


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