January 5, 2010

The sad tale of Gilbert

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Let’s just start off by saying this: When it comes to guns, it’s never a joke. No matter what Gilbert Arenas said went down in the locker room with Javaris Crittenton, there is no excuse to pull out not one, not two, but three weapons; even if it is just in a misguided joke.

Arenas’ excuse for having the guns in his locker is even dumber: He didn’t want them to be around his kids at home. Isn’t the whole point of owning a gun to protect your family? Could he not have purchased some sort of safe with his ridiculous contract money? How smart and devious are these kids if they could possibly be able to find hidden guns, open whatever lock they would be behind, then find the ammo, load them properly and use them? Chances are they aren’t the quickest of cats if Agent Zero is their father.

So what should the NBA do? Well, to start, they shouldn’t waste too much time delving into an investigation. The longer that this is drawn out, the worse the league looks and since there isn’t a ton of positives floating around this season, it would be best to have this incident off the books. Arenas should be swiftly punished, but by no means suspended for the rest of the season, like some scribes have put out there. 15-20 games should put him in his place and it’s not like he is denying anything that took place.

If this had been a heated exchange that was lied about, I’d say: “Sure, throw the book at him.” But for now, I’d just stick with: “The guy made a mistake -  a bad one – but nothing serious happened and he’s admitted his wrongdoing.”

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