January 12, 2010

Big Mac’s special sauce

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Is anyone really that shocked that Mark McGwire used steroids en route to hitting 70 home runs in a season? No, you can’t really be when you consider all the data that’s against him and the era he played in and the allegations that were already flying around him. In short, the real news here isn’t that he used PEDs; it’s that he’s now admitting to have used them.

McGwire did, after all, get up in front of a U.S. congressional hearing and pretty much plead the fifth, trying to save himself from guilt. His statement of: “I don’t want to talk about the past.” Was pretty much everything that the media and public needed to put a check mark – or perhaps an asterisk – beside his name on the career home run list. Now that he has owned up to his regrettable mistake, does that get him off the hook? Honestly, it shouldn’t, but it might. Because that’s what the people have wanted all these years: Confirmation.

And what great timing McGwire had too. Just a few days ago he missed out on getting into the hall of fame while boasting a resume as good as anyone’s from his era. He was without a doubt one of the most feared players in the game and certainly one of the best. He had been penalized because of the fact that he was perceived as a cheater during a time when what he was doing, wasn’t exactly against the rules.

So, now that he has come clean, will he get the votes to make the hall? Surprisingly, he very well could. Again, we now have confirmation and even better than that in a potential voters mind, he showed regret.

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